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We continue to develop the project. Some positions have been adjusted and will pleasantly surprise you with the price. The only thing left to do is to advertise the site, but you are reading this, so everything is already working.


Welcome to Electricus’s hangar!

What is Star Citizen? Star Citizen is an upcoming multiplayer space trading and combat simulator developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games. Started in 2013 a Kick Starter Project it is the greatest crowdfunding project in the history of mankind for a common purpose. Developing the best online space simulator. Each player contributes by purchasing ships and equipment than can be used in the future of the game. Those purchases in turn help fund the game’s development. The scale of the game is already so large that some of the ships and equipment cannot be simply bought at the in-game pledge store. They may just to rare or in very limited quantities.

What is Electricus’s hangar? This is just my hangar! Here I have collected the most interesting items. You may ask, I saw this guy on ebay, reddit, and another Star Citizen platforms. Why now this site? It’s simple, it’s just an opportunity to get what you want without paying commissions to platforms. We still using PayPal so, it’s still safe.

I seem to have said something about money? That’s right, in the Star Citizen any thing is obtained by paying the developers of the game. Need to assemble a ship? Need a base token. Need to modify? Need an upgrade. But by payment we mean a donation for the development of the game to developers. And for this they give us the opportunity to create and send the gifts. The thing that we need in the game. Ok, let’s move on to the third question.

Why am I here? The fact is that the developers have created a motivation system. The more you donate, the more interesting things you will get. I just gathered what I need, and now I to move to a new goal. Opportunities to buy a planet closer to the release of the game. So just transfer me the cost of what you want, and I will send you your gift using the gift transfer system. This is just a link in a email from RSI gift system. Why am I doing this? I like the project, I like to assemble ships, I like to help people. Find not expensive tokens, rare upgrades to bring you the best option possible. Well, of course, this helps the development of the project.

I hope not tired of reading you? Then go to the gifts catalog.

You are only one step away from your dream!

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The Trust Triggers

My marketing specialist said that the site should have some trust triggers. Here they are. Now I have to move ahead and show it to the designer.

Btw, my discord handle is Electricus#7951